[LTD 002] MileSound Bass – Post Mortem Atto I

Artist name
MileSound Bass
Artist label
Forevergreen Ltd
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Juno Download | Beatport

Artist biography
MileSound BASS was born as Gianluca Suanno in 1988.
In 2002 I started listening rap and producing beats.
Time after time I approached many other genres.
I met electronic music in London, and then I began to do djing.
In 2011 I obtained the certification of EMP (Electronic Music Production) at SAE Milan, with 100/100.
At the same time I worked at the mixtape “Souldato” of SoulSwitchOn; with whom I founded the crew Fahrenheit 451: a rap-electronic music project.
At the end of 2011 I finished the production of my first album “Logical Progression” (Ephedrina netlabel December 2011) that collects all the musical influences of my past year, from classical music, soul beats for rap, reggae, music rave, hardcore, to dubstep and drum and bass:  free
While the release of “Logical Progression” was in progress, I began to play other genres: IDM, downtempo, glitch, techno and ambient.
In Nov 2012 I published “Gates To The Unknown EP” (Artak netlabel November 2012)
In April 2013 I published the third, last album “WE ARE ALL BORN MAD, some remain so” (RXSTNZ rec), a title borrowed from “Waiting For Godot” (S.Beckett)
In October 2013 shit people stolen my instruments.
In November 2013 two label published two different compilation with inedit tracks: AAVV – Ephebeat Vol 3 [ Ephedrina Netlabel EPH074 + NoisyBeat Netlabel NYB051] V.A. – OVERREACTION VOL.1 [Dilated Pupils Rec DPR006]